Lost in cryptocurrency scam in 2018

Kaspersky Labs' recent anti-virus and cybersecurity report suggest that in the second quarter of 2018 cybercriminals stole more than $ 2.3 million through cryptographic scams.

The report, titled "Spam and identity theft in the second quarter of 2018," points out that "cyber-criminals" are a ubiquitous example of identity theft.

A promotion is introducing cryptocurrencies. In these phishing fraudsters, innocent individuals are deceived by voluntarily giving up valuable information about persuasive but malicious copies of popular cryptographic portfolios and markets.

Kaspersky says cybercriminals also represent new Initial Coin Offering (ICO) money-raising projects from potential investors trying to buy chips on alleged early events.

The report also notes that Kaspersky's anti-theft system prevented 58,000 attempts to connect users to the phishing website in the second quarter of 2018.

In addition to the description of different types of fraud, the quarterly report suggests that Ethereum (ETH) is currently the most popular cryptocurrency for phishers. According to the company, the popularity of ETH among cybercriminals increases because funds attract the ICO to the Ethereum platform.

Earlier this month, new research has revealed false ad cryptography on Twitter. During his study, the cybersecurity firm Duo Security analyzed a Twitter account of 88 million, using robotic robot training techniques. The latest 200 tweets from each account, the classifier has found a network of 15,000 robots emitting fake competitions and embodying well-known personalities in the cryptography industry.

Olabode Anise, Duo's Data Explorer, said that "the bot is trying to defeat detection to show the importance of holistic analysis of the account, including content metadata."


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