Two best Cryptocurrency To Invest in 2018

Cryptocurrencies have presently become a frequently used buzzword of late. Hear this words during the news sections, during the day to day conversations with friends and colleagues, as well as during political debates these days! However, cryptocurrencies are much more than a ‘buzzword’ - it is an economic revolution, which is bringing in significant changes across multiple systems.

Cryptocurrencies have become an investment opportunity for many. Especially after the boom phase of 2017, where currencies gained as much as 36,000% in a year! Investors reaped tremendous levels of profits on minimal investments. Regarding this 2017 boom, the floodgates have opened up, and millions of new investors and first-time investors from around the world are becoming a part of the crypto-craze.

Are you looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018? this article will provide you with a detailed idea on the names you should look out for! in cryptocurrency

The best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018

With the knowledge of the fact that markets are extremely volatile - and can earn you huge profits but can also acquire huge losses - let us take a closer look at the best cryptocurrency investment opportunities of 2018. Kindly note that these cryptocurrencies are not “ranked” and placed in alphabetical order - all of them have an equal chance of success over the year.

Within a year old in the markets, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the youngest name to appear on this list. Having been forked from Bitcoin (BTC) in August 2017, Bitcoin Cash designed as a lighter, faster alternative to Bitcoin. The currency has proven to be one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies - as the prices soared on various occasions all through 2017. You can check the below batch price chart exhibiting coin performance across the years:

Addition to a technology that is faster also better, Bitcoin Cash also has two further reasons why it is one of the best cryptocurrency investments in 2018:

First off, Bitcoin Cash has been noticing a boost in adoption. The currency is fast being accepted by numerous significant businesses which believe cryptocurrencies. Arranged by most major cryptocurrency exchanges - and made quite a headstart as all Bitcoin users were Bitcoin Cash users as well right from day-1. Expect more businesses also organizations to begin accepting BCH in 2018.

Cryptocurrencies are all about communities. Community care for Bitcoin Cash is enormous! There are millions of active users as well as investors of Bitcoin Cash, including some significant cryptocurrency influencers and specialists who believe it is unquestionably superior to Bitcoin in several aspects. It is this support that gives us add Bitcoin Cash to the list of best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018.

At its peak, the price of Bitcoin Cash had crossed $4,000. The currency has since returned by a lot - providing an excellent opportunity for investors to invest in Bitcoin Cash and make the most out of it and get a massive ROI in 2018.

As of Jul 11, 2018 - the price of Bitcoin cash is $688.42 and is predicted to gain 37.95% and reach $949.67 in coming six months and $3,857.35 in 5 years with a positive change of 460.32%. You can check bch price forecast here. You can likewise keep a tab on BTC price history here.

Ethereum, the next largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is another ‘safe bet’ when it comes to the world of cryptocurrencies. Ethereum is one of the best investment opportunities if it comes to the crypto markets in 2018 because of multiple reasons.

Ethereum is more than just a cryptocurrency. It's a platform upon which decentralized applications can be developed and deployed. Unlike different cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin and it is not a one-dimensional system, just one which has many applications. Ethereum is not used merely for financial purposes but likewise used as a token which powers applications on its platform.

Ethereum’s success in 2018 can also be attributed to the fact that a growing number of ICOs prefer Ethereum over Bitcoin when it comes to starting off their business. These ICOs use Ethereum's ERC-20 token till the time they move to their blockchain after setting up the market and raising funds. With more and more ICOs going to Ethereum, the prices are expected to continue surging. Here's an eth price chart exhibiting coin performance over the years:

ethereum - eth price chart

The community of supporters including investors, as well as the developers who work on the development of the Ethereum blockchain,  are passionate about the blockchain technology - also have been leaving no stones unturned to guarantee that their stock remains top-notch. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, is one of the brilliant minds in the world of cryptocurrency and the commitment that everyone on the development-end puts in determines that the platform offers nothing but the best.

Ethereum scored an all-time high earlier this year when the price of the currency went beyond $1,300. However, similar to most other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum too has retraced significantly, offering a good window for investors. Interestingly, some Ethereum-enthusiasts even claim that over the next year or two, Ethereum’s market cap would surpass that of Bitcoin - an event that they call ‘the flipping’.

As of Jul 11, 2018 - the price of Ethereum is $431.27 and is predicted to gain 33.95% and reach $577.66 in coming six months and $1,879.47 in 5 years with a positive change of 335.83%. You can compare the eth price forecast hereabouts. You can further keep a tab on eth price history here.


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