Bitcoin Core Reportedly Could Crash Network for $80,000

Bitcoin Core has published an update following the recent detection of a vulnerability in the software, according to 18/9/2018 press release by the Bitcoin Core Project. According to the report, Bitcoin Core 0.16.3 published with a fix for a denial-of-service (DoS) vulnerability.

This vulnerability could reportedly generate a crash of older versions of Bitcoin Core if they tried processing a block transaction that decides to spend the same amount twice. According to the press statement, such blocks can be only created by a miner since they are invalid. Forming such a block, a miner would be expected to burn a block of “at least” 12.5 Bitcoin (BTC) worth about $80,000 as of at press time.

The new update incorporates a feature that eliminates a potential crash by allowing the software to “quietly reject” invalid blocks created by miners.

An associate professor Emin Gün Sirer, of computer science at Cornell University, told Motherboard that the complete network could have crashed for less money than “a lot of things would pay for a 0-day attack on multiple systems.” Sirer said that there are several “motivated people” that could have taken this chance to bring the network down.

According to co-founder Jason Glassberg, Casaba Security the recent vulnerability discovered on Bitcoin Core software could “bring down the network.” He revealed that the network crash “does not appear” to target users’ wallets, but would somewhat “affect transactions in the sense that they cannot be complete,” as the expert related tech media agency ZD Net.

Co-owner of, Cobra Bitcoin, said the current issue in Bitcoin Core was a “very scary bug” that could have hit a “huge chunk of the Bitcoin network.”


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