Three best 2018 TVs

Choicest high-end TV your money

OLED TVs stand like the picture quality kings, and this is My top pick. It's a 2017 model, but the C7 is nearly as good as the C8 below and costs a lot less.

Vizio M-Series for 2018
Second-best picture your money can buy

Apart from the TCL above, no other TV offers this much picture for this little cash. Vizio's affordable M is high-performance also well-equipped if you want a 70-inch size (which TCL doesn't provide), it's the best value this list.

Samsung Q8 series (2018)
Greatest and brightest non-OLED picture

Searing light output also superb local dimming performance, the Samsung Q8F gives incredible image quality in a light and dark rooms alike, even potent HDR. Plus for videophiles afraid of OLED burn-in, it's an excellent choice.


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