5 Lesson; On Working at Home, I've Learned

Remote Configurations give Startups and Small Businesses the luxury of work from anywhere in the world with a team of remote employees, with the removal of large monthly expenses. I can be great - many companies are advancing with this configuration, and for years I use a remote setting, but since I rotate my business, I have to move to a physical office.

I convert a new industrial shell into a combination of offices and warehouses that will enable us to acquire and meet all the new brand we are launching, as well as all in-house marketing. It's exciting and irresistible. During this period I have come across some realities of transition from distant organizations to the physical office.

1. Talenje zapoĊĦljavanja should be targeted locally.

I use large designers and developers around the world. Although I can still use it for some projects, I have to hire the best local talents to meet the current needs. If the packaging manufacturer needs a fast-set graphic file to print the closing date, we can not wait until the next day; this must be done on-site.

The same is true of Facebook advertising and AdWords team members, marketing social media, and customer service representatives: everything must now be internal to support the new direction and expecting too much.

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2. Team building and balance between work and private life become a top priority.

Personally, at first, I had problems balancing work and personal life, and I talked a lot about these difficulties. I was afraid that if I did not work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, I would lose momentum and succeed. I was wrong

Only when I learned to get away from work and live a life outside of it, I took the momentum and started to achieve my goals. With the entire team inside, creating groups in and out of the office will become a priority as well as promoting a healthy balance between work and life.

Team members, as well as the company, become more profitable when the quality of balance between work and life is at an optimum level. After all, you have to enjoy life and work and to fight with this in the past; I have to set an example from the very beginning.

3. Commercial offices have more financial responsibility and potential issues.
In the process of re-examining the industrial business space, two things have become clear: a critical obligation, and some of these areas pose potential problems. The more building you need, the longer the lease. The old space, the more potential issues on the line.

Did you know that there are several categories of commercial water damage? Well, many properties have leaks and waterpoints - which I did not want. That is the main reason why I was heading towards a brand new industrial development. It's not just an empty canvas for creating my ideal office and warehouse, but also eliminates many potential problems and headaches on the road.

4. Further staff are required to manage adequately.
Remote team members can still manage some positions and tasks, and members of the internal teams will probably have the option of remote work at least one day in a week, but the physical office requires additional positions.

Now we have reserved working hours, and the front door and reception desk must be open during these hours to receive delivery and send the daily shipment. Remote control does not require a ridiculous and smiling face to accommodate the delivery, as opposed to a physical office. So, I'm currently looking for someone to fulfil this duty.

5. The local brick and mortar operation is attractive to local investors.
I've always supported bootstrap, and so far I have never hired an investor. I do not actively search for this option, but a physical location makes it easier to install a private investor if it becomes a wish.

When I crossed into Miami, I met a few people who were interested in what we planned, and investment regarding scalability dramatically accelerated this process. In conversation with local investors, it became clear that they liked the idea of ​​starting the operation under one roof.


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