Chinese University Proposes To Manage Blockchain

An important Chinese university offers blockchain technology as the best way to manage web domains.

According to a patent application issued on Thursday by the US Patent and Trademark Office, the Shenzhen Bachelor's University University in Beijing studies how the "distribution chain" can improve the security and efficiency of business management. The first level (TLD).

Although the current standard Internet domain name system is already based on a distributed system, there are "technical issues," the team says.

For example, the current server distribution called root is unclear in the world. As a result, the deposit indicates:

"Internet users in Asia have a considerably slower domain name resolution than users in North America. In case of a server root failure in Asia, more than 20 million requests by users seeking a domain name resolution will be affected. Significantly less reliability in solving Asian domains ".

The "invention" blockchain that shares data in "public and unchangeable" mode, she said, "Reliable agencies and even private individuals can access block information and create a database of files properly begin to store links between upper and lower levels - Domain Name System. "

As a result, all regions can configure domain name servers according to their real needs "to ensure the speed of Internet access without restricting other institutions."

The proposed system also divides the domain name system into two layers, each corresponding to the subdomain name system, continues. The TLD bearer decides the subdomain formatting mode. "Therefore" means rank, "subdomain system can be designed as a centralized system or a decentralized system according to institutions' wishes."

Another advantage is that, based on the system of distributed nodes, a "consortium or small group" can not control the entire process. While crypto-currencies are potentially subject to what is called an attack at 51% (in which a subject controlling more than half of the network can rewrite the transaction for them), just let the "trust" nodes mean the mechanism of proofing work that juveniles provide to the network "is not necessary "says the document.

The team further argues that the system is "fully compatible with the existing Internet." "A complex and effective consensus mechanism" brings security and reliability, and the layered structure "ensures the efficiency and portability of the system."


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