How Stay-at-Home Mom can Make Money (part 1)

Working mothers are a rule, not an exception. Seventy percent of mothers with children under the age of 18 work and more than 75 percent of mothers work full time. Mothers are the only or only source of income for 40% of US households with children under the age of 18. Making money while your parent requires a job that meets the demands of your busy life. Many mothers need work to work from home. has collected proposals on ways of earning at home. While most of these ideas require access to computers and the Internet, most of these proposals have low startup costs and need little or no additional training.

Virtual Instructor

Virtual training is a good way for moms to create practical plans and use their expertise in the subject or preparation for exams in the comfort of your home. Virtual teachers use FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts, and other technologies.

The tuition does not require an educational certificate in the state, but most employers apply for a bachelor's degree and some demonstration of expertise in a particular subject through one exam or another type of evaluation. Many tutoring companies offer practical online training modules. If you already have experience in teaching or teaching, this is a great start and an experience you want to exhibit.

The median guardian's hourly rate is $ 17.72 per hour. Make a fast internet search for salary training in your area to manage your expectations and set a price.

Tutors in math (all of the years, as well as mathematics in SAT and ACT) are still in high demand, as well as subjects from the physical sciences (physics, chemistry, earth science) and English (critical reading and understanding). Reading for exams), writing (essays) and ALS (grammar, test preparation, and English for specific purposes, e.g., a particular profession).

You can create a profile for virtual tutors, which will allow you to contact clients in most cases, or you can "offer" clients looking for tutors. See initial instructions and marketplaces, including Wyzant, Tutor, Revolution Prep and Hero Course.

Another opportunity for growth is in teaching English to students abroad in countries like China. English speakers include VIPKID, Englishunt, Topic-Time, Two sigmas, Lingoda and Fabulous.

We have all received calls from telemarkets who may be trying to sell an Internet and cable package or replace electricity and gas. Telemarketers often get a phone on a hook. However, the advantage of telemarketing is that it is an excellent opportunity for homework and that your shift time can be useful to your life as a mother. Also, you do not need a diploma or a lot of training, so the entry barrier is relatively low.

What you probably need for this job, which requires multiple calls to sell products, conducting surveys and asking for donations, must be articulate, friendly, and fat. If you have a sales experience, it can work for you.

Telemarkets can earn an average of $ 16.08 per hour. To find this type of business, you can easily search for sites like Upwork, Glassdoor, Monster, True or FlexJobs. Enter "telemarketing" or "telemarketing" in the search box with special settings.

And Transcriber Script Types, and although it sounds simple, the job requires quick and accurate typing skills. You will also need a good handset, computer and word processing software such as MS Word. A pedal that controls audio or video can be of help. Transcription work can be beneficial to the mother's lifestyle, as it can be done remotely and does not require a long training period or back to work. However, be aware that transcription may seem like a simple entry, but it requires concentration and time. This job may suit a parent who has children at school or close relatives who are prepared to take care of the children.

Generally, transcription works on a daily basis and requires a fast turnaround time so that the daily amount of work is often unpredictable unless you work as a Transcriber for a particular business.

The average median pay per hour for a transcriptionist in the US is $ 15.30 per hour. If you are interested in creating more stable work with this opportunity, as in medical transcription, which tends to pay more, you will need more training.

To begin with, you can search for "transcription" or "Transcriber" in places like Glassdoor. Or you can register as a standalone transcriptionist on pages such as TranscribeMe, Go Transcripts of oDesk and Scribe.
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