How to Stay Motivated Working Remotely

Working remotely is incredible in that it provides you the freedom to work when and how you’d like. But, sometimes the lack of direct accountability on a daily basis can make it hard to stay motivated.

So how do you find that impeccable balance of enjoying the flexibility, but also getting work done in a timely and efficient manner? Here are six suggestions on how to stay motivated while working remotely.

1. Rise early.

Sometimes it can be hard to get up early if you do not have to be at an office at a set time. Nonetheless, it’s a good habit that’s well worth adopting. Waking up early is a common feature of successful entrepreneurs. When you rise with the birds, you have the opportunity to get a head start on your day.

On the modest level, you’ll have time to mentally adjust to the day so that you don’t feel hurried from the get-go. But, there are more specific benefits to your workday as well. You’ll be able to respond to emails, do errands, and maybe even a workout in so that when it’s time to work, you can focus on what needs to do without having to contend with these everyday obligations.

2. Be consistent in your routine.
Success rewards consistency. Regrettably, when you work remotely, you may not regularly be working in the same city or with the same desk order at all times. Nonetheless, it is possible to set up routines that can follow you no matter where you are.

For instance, maybe your routine goes like this: wake up early, reply to emails, go for a run, make a to-do list,  then get to work. By adhering to this system over time, you’ll be able to get into “work mode” no matter anywhere efficiently you are, and you’ll likely see real results in your overall productivity.

I pride myself on being ready to work from virtually anywhere in the world where I can find an internet connection. But I make sure to maintain my self-discipline and motivation by sticking to tried and true routines.

3. Dress for success.

One of the most massive cliches about remote or home workers is that they’re continually working in their pajamas. But on a daily basis, a poor attitude can make for a sloppy work ethic.

Getting dressed for work can help make you feel more professional, prepared,  and even increase your confidence -- also if you’re not going to see a particular coworker all day. You’ll feel more like a real worker, also will be more inclined to do good work. No, this does not imply you have to put on a suit and tie. But by making yourself attractive, you’ll feel more motivated and better prepared to face whatever the day may bring.

4. Get organized.
You might not realize it, but an untidy, disorderly space, hinders your ability to think and work effectively.

If your workspace is messy, things like finding files or items you need take just a little bit longer, and the visual noise can be distracting. The result of time and distraction might be minimum on a daily basis; only when you add it up over weeks, months, and years, it can have a significant impact on your output.

It’s meriting taking the time to arrange your work area. Keep a moderately neat desk space, and try to keep the icons on your computer or laptop as adjusted as possible. You will find it makes your life a lot easier.

5. Decrease distractions.
Are you regularly clicking over to Facebook when your work gets boring? Are the dings including bells from your cell phone preventing you from concentrating on the task at hand?

When a task becomes tiresome, annoying, or boring, it can be all too enticing to click over to your favorite blog, Reddit, or social media. If you’re trying to finish a project, try to reduce the potential distractions so that they don’t tempt you. For example, you might put your phone on airplane mode for several hours of the day, or you might turn off chat applications on your computer if you must to focus. If needed, set a timer for every few hours so that you can have scheduled social media breaks.

6. Get breaks.
Talking of breaks, be sure to take them. You might believe that it shows a better work ethic to power during the day without pause, but this could not be distant from the truth. If you don’t take breaks, you will be more susceptible to diversion and probably won’t be producing your best work.

When you notice that you’re delaying or uninspiring, sometimes taking five can help revive your work ethic. It can help you turn to the task at hand with a new focus, enabling you to stay on track. If you notice that you experience quiet at certain times of day, try to take breaks at those times.


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