New Palm device is coming to the UK too, but what is it?

A few months ago, the new Palm phone attracted a lot of interest. But when officially released in mid-October, it turned out that it was not even a phone at all.

Palm is a connected device that syncs with your existing smartphone and performs specific daily tasks without having to remove the handset.

It's a laptop that you do not basically wear. A smart clock that is not a clock.

Vodafone has announced that it will only bring it to the UK and Verizon will be home to the United States.

The Palm is a credit card size, a 3.3-inch HD screen, a Qualcomm 435 octa-core processor and a front and rear 12 and 8-megapixel cameras, respectively.

It launches Android 8.1 and accesses many of Google's features and applications through a customized user interface. It has a nano-SIM card that can not be removed and assigned to a supported operator.

Resistant to water and dust IP68, with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on the front and back. The parent company, TCL, therefore thinks you took it to the gym, running or cycling, so you no longer need a regular phone.

There is technology, lifestyle, which prevents calls and SMS messages from interrupting you while the screen is off. But the difference between this and the simple fact of switching off the phone is that you can review the notifications only after the screen wakes up.

And there is voice control on board.

Palm is Verizon exclusive in the United States and Vodafone in the United Kingdom (the first six months). It uses Verizon's NumberShare tech to sync all calls, SMS, and phone numbers with your primary mobile account in the United States. You should use similar technology for the Vodafone version in the UK.

But there is a big question: if you behave like your main smartphone, you have to wear it as your main smartphone but have features and less efficient cameras, why?

We are indeed a confused team, to be honest. But there may be someone who "understands" more than us.

At least, it answers the other question: when a laptop cannot be portable? When is the palm


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