Two Cryptocurrency Scams In 2018 North Korea Allegedly Backed

According to a new report from a US-based security company, the future noted, released on October 25, the North Korean government will sponsor at least two fake documents.

In a report titled "Changes in Internet Forms of Use to Discover Adaptive and Innovative North Korean Governing Elections," the Recorded Future Research Group, Insikt Group, mentions two allegations of North Korea-related fraud.

The first fake coin allegedly being protected by North Korea is Interstellar. She discovered the Insikt Group in June 2018 Drama had been renamed several times under different names, such as Hold, HUZU or Stargate. Aforementioned should not be confused with the XLM tag.

According to the report, the HOLD piece was entered on a series of cryptographic exchanges and removed from the list, which ended up fooling the investor into fraud.

The other fake money called the Marine Chain was discovered in the "two Bitcoin Forums" in August 2018. This piece, which would allow the production of boats for multiple users and owners, allegedly fake, Canada.

A large number of users complained about the loss of tens of thousands of dollars and fraud on the website, which was hosted on four different IP addresses since it was registered. Some users have pointed out that the site is almost a mirror image of another site that owns a

April 2018 screenshots of the ship chain [.] Io and the shipowner [.] Io. Source: recorded route

In previous surveys, the Insikt Group found North Korean leaders exploiting both Bitcoin (BTC) and Altcoin Monero (XMR) to protect privacy, to a limited extent or "relatively small."

Earlier this year, the captured future has released a report exploring potential links to major cybercrime crises in North Korea, Lazarus. Insikt highlighted the potential engagement of the group in hacking Bithumb's cryptographic exchanges in South Korea after a previous charge of hacking Youbit exchange.

Last week, Cointelegraph announced that it had stolen 571 million cryptocurrencies since the beginning of 2017. According to a solid Group-IB cybercrime, the total amount stolen on crypto exchanges on the Internet between 2017 and 2018 reached $882 million.


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