Phones leaks - LG may show foldable smartphone at CES 2019

LG may show foldable smartphone at CES 2019

Definitely, Samsung is not the only major smartphone manufacturer who will soon be offering a folding device.

LG plans to introduce a retractable phone during its speech at CES 2019, according to a well-known leak specialist, Evan Blass. Asked about this rumor, Ken Hong, corporate communications manager at LG, told Digital Trends that LG did not comment on rumors or speculations. But hurriedly, Hong said, "Everything is possible in CES."

The CES runs from 8 to 11 January. That's why we can only have a few months before we meet with LG's folding phone. Unfortunately, no details of the device are known, apart from its flexibility.

In January 2018, we learned that LG filed two patents for the folding smartphone design. He first showed a phone that could be open to display a large screen, and once folded; he could display the information on his back. The other design was similar, with a large screen that can be folded to a smaller size, but once folded, it will show a part of the screen to display time and other information.

Are you interested in the concept of folding smartphone?

iPad Pro teases updated design for Apple tablet (leak)

Just two days before the Apple event in which new iPad hardware should be introduced, new leaks seem to have more light on the upcoming tablet design.

The icon found in iOS 12 appears to indicate the next Apple iPad Pro. Discovered 9to5Mac, the device has no home button and is surrounded by a unique screen. There is not a single section here, which should scare away the fears of people, and there is a power on/off button at the top of the device.

There are no new details about the new iPad Pro revealed in this curve, but it has recently been announced that Apple's new tablet will include Face ID, the A12 Bionic processor in the iPhone XS and the USB-C connector, which would be a big change to which Apple's recent phones and tablets used Lightning.

It's hard to say more about the new iPad Pro, which is based on the current leak, but it seems to be the main update for the Apple iOS tablet family. If you press the Home button, Apple can use the damping frames on the device. Adding a Face ID will allow her to match the iPhone family better. And if Apple actually adopted USB-C, it could open the iPad Pro on many other plug-ins and make it another "Pro" device.

Apple will be hosting the event on October 30 and is expected to see the new iPad Pro material, so keep up to date.


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