Rural County (Washington) Utility Suggests Increased Electricity Costs for Crypto Miners

Chelan County, Washington State, on November 14, proposed a new electricity price structure for mortar cryptocurrencies aimed at reducing the cost of increased electricity demand.

Lindsey Mohns, a communal services adviser, explains the difference between the current and proposed electricity pricing systems, pointing out that the structure of the rate is "constructed in the same way as the existing structure of the rate." Currently quoted by miners of crypt valued:

"This new tariff structure (Table 36) gives the market the consideration of energy prices because we will have to buy energy in the market to serve a variable charge associated with cryptocurrencies."

Kimberlee Craig, Chelan PUD's Director of Public Information, explained that the district "deals with (tariff structure) to capture costs and protect investments for existing customers and investing in our system."

According to KPQ, "Investments," Craig referred to the FUD's fixed costs, including the coverage of the "accelerated cost of infrastructure investment in our system."

On November 7, when DUP Chelan introduced the proposed new price system, "many members of the cryptocurrency community expressed dissatisfaction with the proposed increase in costs," says KQP.

In April, Chelan PUD announced that it had been caught in unauthorized juvenile cryptocurrencies and ordered its staff to apply a moratorium on the cryptocurrency. The ban on crypto-mining in Chelan County is not the only such development in Washington because the city of Ephrata recently banned new cryptocurrency operations.

Similar moratoriums are observed at the international level. The government of Quebec abolished a temporary ban on selling electricity to minors at the end of May.


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