The story on Samsung's foldable phone? Samsung Galaxy F

Rumor says Samsung Galaxy F is Samsung's first foldable smartphone.

But will it be called Galaxy F or Galaxy X, as it has already been reported? Well, no one knows, and since the rumors of folding smartphones have been so long, we are not convinced that one day it will be launched. It's a phantom phone if you want. In any case, as we have just heard of Galaxy F, we are holding this up.

So here's the story of Samsung's foldable smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy F: Date and price of the release
Possible launch of MWC 2019, to be revealed in November
It could have come before the Galaxy S10
It could cost $ 2,000
Rumor is that Samsung's folding phone is coming for years.

In 2017, reports suggested that we would see it in IFA 2017. But surprise, surprise, never happened. Since then, we have been grateful that the device will finally be unlocked at the World Congress in 2019. This date would make sense, even if the head of Samsung's mobile phone, DJ Koh, announced at the beginning of September 2018 that the Foldable Camera would be unveiled this year.

We believe that Samsung could see Samsung at the developer conference in November in San Francisco. This developer can give the time and tools needed to create custom apps for the device using both screens.

The company will begin serial production of a retractable smartphone in November 2018, present prototype camcorder models on the CES 2019 and officially release it at MWC in February. Supporting this theory, DJ Koh, the mobile phone manager at Samsung, recently told Korean journalists that the company was working on producing a 5G phone, which will not be the Galaxy S10.

Some have suggested that the first 5G device could be Galaxy F. However, according to Koh's comments, it is expected that 2019 will present Samsung's four phone launches, including the S10, a note 10, 5G phone and a retractable phone. , The Galaxy S10 will mostly be run around MWC 2019, suggesting rumors about CES 2019 in connection with the Galaxy F above may have legs.

It seems that Samsung would be more interested in being the first to launch a folding smartphone on the market rather than focusing on sales. Koh has suggested that launching a retractable phone is inevitable, stating that Samsung does not want to lose its first world title. He explained that Samsung "focused on innovation development" and solved problems related to phone design.

Those who have been keenly waiting for it to be released, we hope you've been saving rumors from the beginning, because it claims Galaxy F could cost about $ 2,000. Ouch.

Samsung Galaxy F: Name
Samsung's foldable phone has gone by both Galaxy F and Galaxy X. See:

Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone could cost nearly $2,000
Is Galaxy X a Samsung Galaxy gaming phone?
Samsung seems to confirm foldable Galaxy X is real
New details on Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone emerge
But, we suspect that's just an internal codename and that the phone will come to market with a different moniker.

Samsung Galaxy F: design
Adjustable plates facing out
Smartphone on the tablet
5 inches to 7 inches
What will Samsung's folding smartphone look like?

Well, that's a million dollar question that no one is currently responding, or at least nobody is authorized to share information, has an answer. It is long claimed that the folding smartphone will have a 5-inch screen that will turn into an 8-inch tablet.

Bloomberg set this claim in 2016 before the Korean messenger added that "close source sources" said that Galaxy F would have posters facing out to become a tablet and not bend the screen.

More reports suggest that the Galaxy F will have a 4.5-inch screen that can be used as a conventional smartphone, opening the way to a 7.3-inch screen when it is developing, but it is unclear how it will work or what will the device look like? Similar to.

ZTE launched Axon M in October 2017 as a dual display screen with two screens that opened, but the screens were broken by the wrist, which would probably leave the Galaxy F on a flexible screen.

Samsung Galaxy F: Screen
OLED display probably
Assembly of screen or rolling
Samsung is the king of OLED. Most people are not surprised if their folding smartphone has an OLED display. What features of this screen may be, somebody can guess at this time. The company has already presented the OLED screen in May 2016 at an event called SID in San Francisco, but it is still unclear whether Galaxy F will opt for this kind of technology or otherwise it will be different.

The sliding screen OLED was only 0.3 mm thick and had a 10R rolling radius, with the ability to scroll like a parchment. It was capable of displaying a resolution of 1080p on a 5.7-inch screen but without a touch control layer. More recently, early in 2018, Samsung has repeatedly referred to folding OLEDs in the call for results, arguing that parallel to Bixby would drive growth.

This suggests that the folding smartphone will have an OLED display that bends, unlike rollers. In anticipation of the phone's discovery, Samsung also left clues on its Twitter and Facebook profiles, adjusting the profile of two accounts to show a picture of its folded logo - not on the wrist, but folded, suggesting more than the phone screen would be flexible.

Finally, according to LetsGoDigital, Samsung registered trademarks in the United States under the name "Infinity," such as "Infinity-Flex." This "Infinity" name is often used in the marketing concept of the Samsung Infinity Display to mark its phones almost without a mask. Samsung also filed the "Infinity Display" trademark in early 2017. Can the Infinity Flex brand refer to the Flexible Infinity display for your folding phone?

Samsung Galaxy F: Camera and Hardware
Probably a flag
Rumors were slim in the field about specifications that the Galaxy smartphone could offer. And when we say thin on the floor, we hear thinner than the other rumors, which means that almost nobody knows much, if any.

If Galaxy F turns out to be a gaming phone, a folded phone or even a gaming phone, we can certainly expect some key hardware, especially regarding processors, graphics and RAM. Although it was just a folding phone, we still expected accurate specifications, especially for the battery, camera, and hardware, especially if the $ 2,000 price is right.

Samsung's leading smartphones deliver outstanding results in the camera. It would be surprising if Galaxy F did not do the same. After all, the folding smartphone would appear on the tablet, but it still has to work as a pioneer.

Samsung Galaxy F: Conclusions
The Samsung Galaxy F is one of the most popular smartphones in the category of surface phones. This could never happen, and even if it is, it would probably be entirely different from what rumors have already claimed and will probably be something quite different. We will continue to update this innovation as new rumors surrounding the Galaxy F.

But keep in mind that this slippery spirit is likely to belong.


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