US Fintech Firm And Bithumb Signs Deal to Open Security Token Exchange

Bithumb signed a contract with the US company FinTech to open the exchange of securities chips in the United States, the Yonhap News Agency announced on November 1st.

Yonhap reports that Bithumb has signed an agreement with the American Crowdfunding SeriesOne platform. Bithumb's office reportedly said to the news agency:

"SeriesOne is actively trying to reach an agreement with Bithumb after considering the most suitable partner. Bithumb intensifies his efforts to become a global financial firm, as creating a property based blockchain is expected to spread all over the world. "

Security Tokens Except for allowing carriers to buy goods and services often promise to return on investment and added value as a traditional title.

The sources told Yonhap that SeriesOne was to establish a US exchange in the first half of 2019, while Bithumb would provide investment and technical support for the stock market.

In Rome this month, Bithumb announced the launch of global decentralized cryptographic exchange. The exchange will be launched in conjunction with chained chains based on one root of the network (RNT), which have been developed by a decentralized chip on a transaction-based Ethereum protocol called R1. Protocol R1 separates the match and execution of the order, which will, according to RNT, improve the security and efficiency of the game.

Last week, Changelly's cryptographic solution, headquartered in Hong Kong, showed that she helped Bithumb recuperate lost chips in hacking in June. Bithumb first lost more than $ 30 million for piracy but managed to recover around $ 14 million with the help of industrial partners.

Changelly said he was able to return 1,063,500 Ripple Chips (XRPs) to Bithumb, worth about $ 585,000 at the time of hackers.

According to CoinMarketCapu, Bithumb is currently the number one encryption exchange, with a $ 1.7 billion turnover for 24 hours.


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