Chinese Survey Discovers That Nearly 40 Percent of Respondents Would Invest in Cryptocurrency

A Chinese survey involving 4,200 respondents showed that 40% of them were willing to invest in crypto, local Chinese crypt in China 8btc reported on December 26.

The survey was conducted by PANews, which Twitter describes as a point of sale, a source of information for information exchange on block chains in Asia.

According to the answers gathered during the cryptographic survey, approximately half of the respondents heard about the following terms: cryptocurrency, digital currency or bitcoin (BTC).

Also, 63% of respondents believe that it is not necessary to use crypto as a means of payment. Also, only 22.2% of the respondents were aware of the concept of chip chips run by blockchain.

The Chinese government recently announced its latest rank for the cryptocurrency, putting Bitcoin in the 18th place, and the EOS at the top. Second place holds the third largest crypto-currency market capitalisation, Ethereum (ETH).

As Cointelegraph reported in mid-November, the Twitter Survey of the former US congressman Rona Paula - which has 94,894 votes - favours Bitcoin over the more traditional forms of money as a long-term investment. Term.

Also, a recent survey conducted by the German Federal Information Society, Telecommunication and New Media (Bitka) have shown that more than a third of large German companies consider revolutionary blockchains as the Internet.


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