Private Confirmation Of Additional 2 Million Coins Secretly Premined By Altcoin Bitcoin

The development team behind Altcoin Bitcoin Private (BTCP) has confirmed the creation of 2.04 million BTCP units "that would never exist on the blockchain," the official statement published on December 24 said.

On Dec. 23, Coin Metrics, a digital asset analysis site, has released a report that reveals that additional 2.04 million units of BTCP (approximately $ 3.9 million in Bitcoin Chain Data (BTC) imports at the time of publishing ) secretly forged. According to the white book of the project, the total offer of BTCP amounts to approximately 20.4 million units, while the secret facility of BTCP has increased the initial offer to 22.6 million units.

The senior team of OPGT said today in its statement that after the receipt of the report "immediately launched an investigation to determine whether the alleged discovery of additional OPGT coins was true." After an internal audit, the team officially stated that the coin measurement results were "mathematically correct." The team added:

"However, for now, the source, purpose, and recipient of this exterminator are currently unknown to the Bitcoin team for private contribution."

The announcement further mentions the chronology of the event related to the problem, revealing that it was ultimately paid a premium for a particular issue, which was subsequently accepted by a development engineer, who later became a BTCP developer and "promoted an associate at GitHub, allowing him combines traction requirements. "

This developer would complete the problem, merge his code and receive the award. The OPGT team also found that one of the missing lines in the code "allowed the mine to work because the nodes did not properly check the forger's forgeries." After collecting the premium, the developer left the BTCP project.

After that, the threat actor would exploit the bubble, generating more than 2 million pieces during publicly announced mining mine. The Declaration reads as follows:

"Since the code was an open source and the open pit was published on Twitter, anyone with enough knowledge about the development of blockchain could use it."

The BTCP team also stated that it was not clear whether these parts were transferred to the exchange, used or stored elsewhere. However, the team statement concludes:

"This can only be exploited during an open-cast mine, which has already happened earlier this year, so it's impossible to use this particular bug to recapture and can no longer use it."

The OPGT team also stated in the statement that it had no prior knowledge of the incident before publishing a report on coin counts.

At the end of the statement, the OPGT team wrote that they contacted HitBTC, the main crypto-data exchange center, about the situation. HitBTC did not respond to Cointelegraf's request for comments within the allowed time.

According to CoinMarketCap, OPGT is traded at about $ 1.97, which is almost 7% less in the last 24 hours.

In September, Bitcoin Core released an update after a recent vulnerability detection in the software. This vulnerability could cause the older version of the Bitcoin core to crash if they try to process a blocked transaction that has tried to spend the same amount twice.


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