Purported Bitcoin Millionaire Reportedly Arrested After Making It ‘Rain Cash’ In Hong Kong

A presumed Bitcoin millionaire (BTC) was arrested in Hong Kong after "robbing money" in the streets, according to local diaries of The Shanghaiist on December 17.

On Sunday, a $ 100 bucket for Hong Kong was thrown out of the roof at Sham Shui Po, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Hong Kong. The Wong Ching Kit, a local enthusiast of cryptocurrency, allegedly a billionaire in Bitcoins, and an entrepreneur who owns the Epoch Cryptocurrency website are likely to be behind this stunt.

In a video published on Epoch's Facebook page, he saw himself ask, "Is anyone loyal that money can fall from the sky?" Before the money begins to fall from the tall building behind it.

The description of the video details a competition wherein participants can allegedly win large cash prizes. In another video Ching-kit reportedly describes himself inside a luxury car as some kind of “god” that “steals from the rich and gives to the poor.”

According to Shanghaiist, the man was subsequently arrested by local police, reportedly before performing another publicity stunt. Shanghaiist reports that he was detained for “disorderly conduct in a public place” while live-streaming with a stack of cash in his hand.

Leo Weese, a member of the local crypto community, tweeted that Ching-kit is not a Bitcoin millionaire but is instead “running a pyramid-like scheme.” The police reportedly claim to have only recovered 6,000 Hong Kong dollars ($767) while “a popular Twitter post claims, unreasonably, that ‘100’s of millions of HKD’ was dropped from the rooftop.”.

In May 2018, the blockbuster conference organizers in China were seriously criticized after setting up a program featuring imitator Mao Zedong. The actor dressed in the gray Mao suit made a speech in the President's way, wanting the audience to hit the spotlight from Maun's native province of Mao, saying:

"You deserve to be called the great sons and daughters of the Chinese people, and I thank you for Mao Ce-dong."

The organizers, as reported, violated the law prohibiting the use of images of any current or previous ruler in promotional activities and television commercials.

Earlier this month, the pompous campaign organized by Ukraine on Everest Mountain resulted in the death of Šerpa. The Social Network ASKfm sponsored "cryptographic enthusiasts" to climb Mount Everest and put a wallet with 500,000 ASKfm chips on top. Sherpa died during the descent.


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