TokenSoft Security Token Platform Invests in SEC-Regulated Broker-Dealer

TokenSoft Security Token Platform Inc. he has invested in a firm believed to be a commercial broker in line with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a statement said in a statement on December 13.
TokenSoft is a platform that provides a suite of technology and security products for the sale, issuance and management of security tags and other digital assets. Security symbols often promise a return on investment and added value and allow cardholders to buy goods and services.

The company in which TokenSoft is investing has now been renamed to TokenSoft Global Markets, LLC, while TokenSoft is licensed to acquire 100% TokenSoft Global Markets. TokenSoft Global Markets are expected to expand their range of services after the acquisition, including redirecting to stock exchanges or brokers, custodial solutions and private services.

These investments allow TokenSoft to offer issuers the ability to either negotiate sales of tokens themselves or work with the chip sales management broker on their behalf. Mason Borda, CEO of TokenSoft, commented on this investment:

"Because of the growing interest in the security tokens market, we have been overwhelmed by broker support requirements, which provides a window to digital asset release and management, our support for security and compliance at every stage of the digital asset lifecycle."

Last week, the exchange of Thai cryptocurrency Satang Corp. announced a plan to collect nearly $ 10 million in Security Token Offer (STO). The Thai government supports Satanga projects with the aim of turning the country into a block and developing a regulatory framework for digital currency and blockchain.

Last week, the National Bank of China (PBoC), the central bank of the country, highlighted the illegal status of STOs in the country. Deputy Governor of the Bank announced that "the activities of the VSTO that have recently emerged are still fundamentally illegal financial activities in China", recalling that cryptocurrencies are related to crime.


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