Unreleased Microsoft feature phone was shown off in new photos

Microsoft produced several smartphones when it was a hardware manufacturer, including the Lumia 950 and the leading Lumia 535 products. The new leak gives us insight into another Microsoft phone, but this is a bit different from the above.

New photos display a special Microsoft phone that has never been released. People from the Windows Center received their hands on the device, known as RM-1182 and described as the "prototype". The device would be developing in 2015, but it was said that Microsoft had canceled this project and several other phones as part of its efforts to reduce its interest in mobile hardware.

The software in this Microsoft RM-1182 is a phone operating system with the same look and appearance as Windows 10 Mobile. This includes a startup screen with a dynamic mosaic look that can be rearranged and application icons that can show missed notifications. Embedded applications include basic elements such as phone, SMS, and contacts, as well as Microsoft applications such as Outlook Mail, GroupMe, and OneNote. There is also a quick action center in the Settings and pre-loaded games app.

It seems the material is pretty typical. It has a 2.5-inch screen, a backup camera and a 1200 mAh battery, packed in a plastic shell. There is a T9 Keyboard with the Send and End keys, touchpad and menu keys. On the back, the Microsoft logo, as shown in the 2016 curve.

Since this device was developed in 2015, and Microsoft has virtually left mobile hardware at this time, it is unlikely that we will see this RM-1182 or any other Microsoft mobile phone that comes to the market. That said, it's fun to look at the new material, especially so rough. Microsoft has produced initial smartphone levels, but this would probably be the most affordable device in the company.


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