Apple iPhone XI might have the ugliest three camera solution so far

Apple's risks are rare, but new renders have shown the iPhone 2019 - or iPhone XI - as they call it.

The images show a three-lens camera, a third shift from the other two, followed by a flash and a microphone.

The design is surely tasted, and we can not help not to think that it does not fit Apple's design philosophy.

However, @OnLeaks is the source of this design, which proved to be valuable about the following telephone connections, in this case, the digital home page. There is very little information to support the design, but another big name in the smart phone's impact affected that to be true.

These designs often come from supply chain accessories manufacturers, relying on future manufacturers' plans to prepare their products. This can often mean that some details are inaccurate, such as colours, textures, or maybe a sensor or camera set.

In any case, we hope the new iPhone from 2019 will not look like this. Digit assumes that the third goal will be a 3D camera with time duration, a thing that could give you 3D scanning objects.

The source from Digit also admits that the new iPhone is still in the technical assessment phase and we do not expect a new iPhone model before September 2019. So we're not sure this design will appear.

What do you think? Would Apple seriously choose such a design?


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