Apple Smart Battery Case is perfect for influencers and Fortnite gamers, WHY?

Apple has released a battery case for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, the first time from the iPhone 7.

 It is also the first model for large models, designed for those who need more power during the day.

At first, we wondered who should be such a device? Who could guarantee that his sophisticated iPhone was so ugly in exchange for more juice? Then we realized: influential and Fortnite players.

While most of us will be happy with the battery day on iPhone XS or battery and day and a half on iPhone XS Max, influential gamers will probably be the biggest apps that are hungry for energy.
For leverage, additional power will probably be welcome, regardless of whether it's 4K video capture or watching social media feeds, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Keeping in touch with others has a tremendous battery life requirement.

Simply visit the battery-powered page on your iPhone (Settings> Battery> Usage) to make sure that everything you constantly ask for refreshes will swallow your compensation faster than competitors renewal.

Twitter, Facebook, Mail, Slack, Instagram ... All of them are guilty of battery jamming, just to keep in touch or reduce boredom. If you look close-up, you'll probably discover that using the call features, ah, the phone is pretty low on the list.

Other potential users are likely to benefit our players. Fortunate users will tell you how many games a battery can discharge. This constant connection, graphics, hours of playing are the worst nightmare of the batteries.

Fortunately, Apple's Smart Battery case can solve problems with power failure. It's also a pretty simple solution, as the silicone case slides on your iPhone like a comfortable slipper.

However, one can not deny that this supplement has a price; The smart battery case adds weight and weight to your slim iPhone device, making it much harder to get into your jeans pocket.
The "bump" that snaps on the back is a massive battery that will give you at least one day of charging with what the phone already offers but is not the viewer. However, you will constantly charge your iPhone until the juice disappears.

Unlike the previous Apple Smart Battery Chargers, this includes wireless charging, which makes it easy to charge a wireless charger without the need to get the phone out of the case. It is smart enough to charge the casing and then the phone when it is placed on the charging pad.

For those who do not have wireless charging, the smart battery case still lets you charge through the light connector, allowing you to see how many batteries you have through the software's battery widget on the main home screen - access the right slider to the right.

We believe that unless you are a big fan of social media or an extremely obsessive fan of Fornite, the batteries in your iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR are good enough to end your day without worrying about looking for a plug.

There may indeed be a price to pay to be an influential person.


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