Bitcoin Could Transform Governance, Says Cypherpunk Jameson Lopp

Jameson Lopp - a character in the crypto industry and self-proclaimed professional cypherpunk - described Bitcoin (BTC) as the first step in the wider transition to anarcho-capitalist society. The final comments were formulated in an interview with Stephan Livre's podcast, released on December 29.

By the end, Bitcoin is an experiment that - if successful - can allow the transition to anarcho-capitalist society:

"I think Bitcoin is a very interesting experience that, if successful in the long run, can not only revolutionise money but also revolutionise our understanding of governance."

It further explains that an "autonomous, anarcho-capitalist society" could develop if the services now provided by centralised third parties - such as governments - provide "software agents that can begin to replace the government's functionality":

"I think Bitcoin's first step, and if that's enough, then we can start talking about the next step."

A recent co-founder of cypherpunks, Timothy May, explained in his "Cryptic Anarchist Manifesto" to create cryptography by creating a system in which people can communicate directly without influencing government.

 As Cointelegraph reported earlier this month, May criticised the contemporary cryptographic industry in October, saying "regulatory compliance attempts are likely to abolish the key uses of cryptocurrencies, which are not simply another form of PayPal or Visa."

During an interview this week, Lopp also said that "one thing people do not invest as much as education should be." He encouraged investors to "do their research" and also argue that developers had to "prepare software and hardware user training," such as cryptographic wallets.

The Big Cryptocurrency Coinbase recently launched a cryptocurrency user training program while earning a crypt called "Coinbase Earn." When running, the program is for invitations only and is based on the 0x (ZRX) based on Ethereum.


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