Coming in 2019: Apple AirPower specs plus features - Apple's wireless charger

- Simultaneously charge iPhone and Apple Watch with AirPower Mat

- Perfectly compatible with Apple Watch Series 3, 4 and iPhone 8 / Plus, iPhone X and XS / Max

 Apple will soon launch its charging equipment called AirPower.

We thought we had it in early 2018 and then launched the iPhone XS in September, but that never happened. There was nothing during the launch of the iPad Pro, Mac Mini and MacBook Air. But we seem to have a rug at the beginning of 2019.

Here we will explain in more detail what AirPower is and why this significant delay has occurred.

What is the Apple AirPower Carpet?

In addition to compatible iPhones, AirPower will also charge Apple Watch and AirPod (with a wireless charging case)
They will probably charge all compatible Qi devices
Apple's AirPower is a wireless charging nozzle. Includes in the wall, but the electrical charge transfers to compatible devices just by touch. Simply put the devices on them, and they will be charged wirelessly and with ease.

IPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone XS, XS Max and XR are all compatible with wireless charging and work with hundreds of existing Qi chargers and accessories.

AirPower is very similar to these existing products but will also charge Apple Watch with the iPhone and new AirPods. It will be big enough that you can charge all three at a time - your iPhone, Watch and AirPods.

Apple AirPower price and release date

Expect a price of about £ 150 / $ 150
Much late
The Apple iPhone 2018 event and October iPad Pro event are more and not, no AirPower release date is mentioned. However, it seems that its launch will end at the beginning of 2019 along with the new AirPods mentioned above.

Now ChargerLAB claims to have talked to some of Apple's suppliers who told him that AirPower was started. Source quotes Luxshare Precision as a manufacturer, saying the company also produces AirPods. In January 2019 it was also announced that Lite-On Semiconductor produces hardware for AirPower.

AirPower originally announced Apple on the iPhone X in September 2017 and needed an unusually long time to go out. Apple does not usually talk about things unless it happens.

Indeed, the only mention of AirPower on the Apple website is on the AirPods page, mentioning the future wireless charging issue of AirPod. All other references have been removed from

The Chinese blog Chongdiantou estimates that AirPower will cost about $ 150 - so expect about $ 150.

Why is AirPower delayed?

A large number of charge batteries cause heat problems
Reported software issues and bugs
According to Bloomberg's report, the carpet was faced with several issues, including technical problems related to internal circuits. According to Chongdiantou, the carpet will have 22 charges (this number is controversial, but that's a lot). That's why it cost so much, and there was such a big delay.

Why so many drums? The idea is to charge your device wherever you put it on the carpet. You do not have to be specific to your position, for example, Apple Watch. And, look, there are different sizes of overlapping coils. And this causes heat and disturbance problems.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball, known to Apple's blogger, explains that the delay in AirPower due to "multi-coil design that warms too much, too hot".

Sonny Dickson adds that "the mechanism used to charge multiple devices [...] is very difficult to build or refine, and has resulted in a significant amount of disturbance ... which reduces filler performance and contributes to the heat problems that engineers face. "

Back to Gruber: "Last year, Apple was convinced that they could find a way to ignite. They were wrong, I think they had to go back to the drawing completely and start again with a completely different design, or they decided to give up, and they simply do not want to say that. "

According to Mr Dickson, there are software problems, the carpet does not return AirPod data, and Apple Watch downloads data to iPhone - the original concept of Apple has labelled the real-time load levels indicated on your iPhone (exactly like in AirPod or Apple Watch now) iOS Battery widget ).

Which devices will work with the AirPower carpet?

 iPhone 2017 and 2018
Apple Clocks and New AirPods
The carpet will charge iPhone 2017 - iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X - as well as new iPhone 2018, iPhone XR, iPhone XS and XS Plus. Each of these handsets will have Qi charging capabilities so that they can be loaded into conventional Qi charging pads.

Since the Qi standard, AirPower should also theoretically charge other Qi-compatible smartphones.

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Since Apple has demonstrated AirPower, we know it would certainly be compatible with the Apple Watch Series 3 and should, therefore, be compatible with all Apple Watches models: the same charging base was used for every generation of Apple Watch.

AirPods will also be charged, but as we mentioned, it will only work if they are in the case of wireless charging. It will either use a separate fill-in box or a second-generation AirPod version.


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