Cryptocurrency Hacker Hits Again After 2 Weeks 1,675 ETH Stolen, Two times in a Row

Two weeks ago, January 14, a cryptocurrency named CryptoPia was attacked by an unknown hacker who allegedly managed to steal $ 2.5 million (19,391 ETH). After the attack, the exchange could not provide much detail for an ongoing investigation, and the stolen amount was not confirmed. However, members of the crypto community discovered a large amount of ETH coins sent from the stock market to an unknown wallet.

Pirate returned after two weeks of sleep

Yesterday, January 28, the same hacker hit again, stealing 1.675 ETH (180 USD) from other Cryptopia portfolios. After the first attack, many portfolios would be endangered and endangered, although they also lacked certificates. The new attack has succeeded in stealing funds from them, as well as from other portfolios. After the second attack, the total number of compromised portfolios increased to over 17,000.

The second attack began on Monday morning, January 28 at 6:59, and continued throughout the day.

Is that the same pirate?

Those who noted that the funds were transferred to the stock market initially assumed that the stock market secured the property that remained after the first hacking. However, later during the day, it was confirmed that the hacker was behind the activity. Transfers stopped at 21:50, after almost 15 hours of activity. After that, the combined amount is transferred to the same ETH address as the funds stolen during the previous hacking:

Even after the release of the first attack, it seems that stock market users continue to deposit funds in compromised portfolios. Until the attacker is caught, it is possible that all funds are stored in CryptoPia with stolen money in a new attack.


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