LuMee’s innovative Duo Vibes phone case can sync and light up to club music

LuMee, a smart case manufacturer specially designed to help you illuminate your selfie, launched a new palette of carcasses.

LuMee cases are often seen in selfies (or what appears to be sponsoring Instagram posts) of several celebrities, including Kim Kardashian. The crates have light strips, allowing users to better capture in dark places. LuMee accepted that idea and adapted it to people who attended nightclubs. He has his new set of cases called Duo Vibes and will officially present them later this month at the CES.

The CES is held every year in Las Vegas. Frankly, this is the perfect place to launch such a great product. Duo Vibes will always have two lights on the back of the case, but unlike the previous versions, the lights will be able to sync with the music. Seriously. LuMee announced Vibes Duo with a video in which the case was illuminated with the rhythm of the song, in a DJ mode that would use stroboscopic lights.

LuMee cases have become very popular over the last few years, and this new feature would certainly contribute to their appeal as they would be ideal for going out. Pocket-lint will be at CES in 2019 in Las Vegas later this month, and we hope to test them out.

CES, the annual Consumer Electronics Show, runs from 8 to 12 January.


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