Square’s Cash App blocked social Media Site Accounts Of Gab's Founder

The US paying company, Square App, allegedly blocked the personal account of founders of the controversial social media site Gab, according to a tweet from Gab, released on January 8th.

This news was released shortly after Gab announced that the company had sent an email to his Cash App and Bitcoin (BTC) promotion user base. Today Gab has announced that he has sent over 850,000 emails to his users, introducing them into "free speech money: Bitcoin." and companies," but also invites users to use BTC as a" money-handling system and paying freedom of expression without censorship."

Later in the letter, Gab also recommends and connects with the Square Cash application for BTC transactions. The company also announces that it has begun accepting BTC for its supreme GabPro service.

A few minutes later, Gab said in a tweet that Cash App blocked the personal account of its founder, Andrew Torba. About twenty minutes later Gab also announced:

- Yes, we know who Square belongs to. We understand that our accounts are blocked for unknown reasons. "

On Jan. 6, Gab announced that he had begun using the Cash application to transact and receive BTC donations after closing his corporate account at the US large encryption base, Coinbase. Previously, Gab would also have been banned from Apple and Google store apps.

Established in 2016, Gab is represented as a "social media platform for freedom of expression" but is widely criticized as a "privileged platform" for extreme right-wing or extreme right-wing views. In the fall of 2018. Gab was especially cautious after he learned that Pittsburgh killer Robert Gregory Bowers published Gab, pointing to his immediate intent to get hurt before the crime.

Today, in another tweet, the social network is presented as "the most sensational website in history" by providing a list of services that would block or censor it.

In April, WikiLeaks Shop, a trademark of WikiLeaks, an unnamed non-profit publisher, announced on Twitter that his account at Coinbase was blocked. Twitter WikiLeaks Shop contained footage of the alleged Coinbase email stating that the organization violated its terms of service and therefore "could no longer [receive] access to [its].


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