US Law Firms File Class Action Against Exchange BitGrail and Altcoin Nano

Two US law firms filed lawsuits against developers Altcoin Nano (NANO) and Italian swap BitGrail cryptocurrencies, according to a January 7 poll.

Silver Miller and Levi & Korsinsky, specializing in cryptographic technologies, have brought a class action to James Fabian - "and on behalf of all people in the same situation" - an investor in Nano, formerly RaiBlocks (XRB).

The lawsuit states that Nano and "key members of his team" violated federal securities laws and instructed investors to open accounts and invest funds in BitGrail, the Italian cryptographic platform. "little known and seriously disturbed." According to the lawsuit, the defendants also include BitGrail as well as the CEO of the stock exchange, Francesco "Bombardier" Firano, in the context of promoting the currency crypto called NANO.

In a controversial incident, more than 180 million Nano dollars - calculated at the time of the event - disappeared from the exchange in February 2018.

The lawsuit is asked by the court to order Nana to carry out the "rescue operation" of Nano, allegedly lost "in a new cryptocurrency in a way that would adequately compensate for the class of victims."

In a note posted on February 9 on its website, BitGrail said that 17 million Nano was stolen by hacking. However, after hacking, BitGrail and Nano team accused the other of being responsible for stealing chips.

Firano, General Manager of BitGrail, told Cointelegraph in an interview that "it is impossible to pay the stolen amount."

A similar lawsuit was filed in April 2018, represented by Nano Investor Alexa Brola. The lawsuit also accused Nano's team of violating US securities laws by selling unregistered securities and an infamous display of BitGrail's reliability.

Later in October, Brola voluntarily withdrew his complaint. Lead defender Peters Scoolidge stated that "the prosecutor withdrew his lawsuit because the case was unfounded."

Last month, Silver Miller filed a lawsuit against alleged hedge fund manager Jeremy Spence, accusing him of using the fake Ponzi scheme and promising a "lucrative return." new investors," in the classic Ponzi scheme configuration.


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