What to anticipate from the World's biggest mobile show In Mobile World Congress 2019

World Mobile Congress is the biggest mobile event of the year. It featured many smartphones, smart clocks and year-tablets as well as emerging new trends that are most popular in mobile devices, such as 5G.

Generally, all major brands participate in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in this or the same way. Apple is an exception, even if the iPhone is one of the trends described by MWC.

Here's what you can expect from the Mobile World Congress 2019 and all the launches it will bring.

What is the Mobile World Congress?

Mobile World Congress is an annual fair organised by GSMA (it's for trade, not for the public). The place moves theoretically in Europe but has been held for many years in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

It's the launchpad for many great smartphones of the year, but it has also provided us with a range of tablets, smart clocks and other connected devices in recent years, including tablets and smartphones. 2-in-1 tablets.

Outside the consumer sphere, many industrially heavy manufacturers are also called to talk about the future of mobile devices, such as 5G, mobile hardware, virtual reality and other related technologies.

When is Mobile World Congress 2019?

The Mobile World Congress is scheduled for 25-28 May February 2019. These are the days when the show is open, stories are held, and the exhibition halls are open.

However, big announcements are likely to be held on February 24th. This is often the day when several press conferences are held just before the release of the show.

What will be launched at Mobile World Congress 2019?

Asus at MWC 2019

Asus was quite excited about the recent launch of Zenfone, and Zenfone 5 was pretty good. Accessing the smart world to run the next version of a mobile device makes sense.

BlackBerry at MWC 2019

The BlackBerry often uses MWC to make some announcement. So far, a little talk about future BlackBerry projects. We can not be sure what could be published on the MWC.

Honor to MWC 2019

Honor often has its place on the MWC, sharing a part of the star with the parent company Huawei. Depending on launch cycles, Honor can detect a new CMM device or wait for Huawei to launch a new model and then a few months later.

Huawei P30

Huawei experienced a storm in 2018 and, to continue its momentum, we plan to see Huawei launch the P30 in Barcelona. Huawei has booked a press conference on February 24, and many expect the Huawei P30 to be introduced. So far there is little rumour, but we expected that most of the Mate 20 technology would move to the new model P.


LG was a small variable with the launch in the last few years, recording the launch of the G7, but instead proposed the V35 ThinQ at MWC 2018. It remains to be seen whether this strategy will be maintained or LG will be back in launching its leading products in Barcelona. , Rumors suggest LG now wants to return to mix and announce the leading G8 at MWC

Motorola Moto G7

Lenovo is expected to continue its Moto market with the introduction of the Moto G7 at MWC. The company has improved the quality of its device but found it at a high price, compared to Honor, with competitive phones at affordable prices.

Nokia at MWC 2019

Nokia has declared a large number of phones while trying to get back to the centre of attention. Retro re-publishes a whole host of affordable Android One devices, Nokia has been pretty exciting in the last 24 months. There is little to see on the MWC - except for the unmistakable Nokia 9 - and rumours about reusing the PureView brand have been delighted by people.

Open the fold by CMM

Oppo, like other Chinese brands, creates a lot of noise. For the MWC 2019, we will probably see the Oppo switch phone. The company confirmed it was working on a mobile phone and could find it more in Barcelona.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 +

Samsung will probably dominate the MWC 2019 by launching the Samsung Galaxy S10. It's been ten years since Galaxy S started and we expect a lot of changes on Samsung's leading phones. Rumours suggest a screen with a perforated camera, three cameras on the back, and a choice of different sizes. Samsung will generally hold its press conference on February 24, although rumours have been proposed on February 22.

Sony Xperia XZ4 and XZ4 Compact

Sony launches many phones, and MWC should introduce XZ4 and smaller XZ4 Compact. The company launched Xperia XZ2 in 2018 but then launched XZ3 in August. The first rumours suggest that the new Xperia device will be launched in Barcelona with three backlit cameras. You can expect an announcement on February 25th.

Xiaomi at MWC 2019

Xiaomi is not a new member of the MWC but is growing outside of its homeland; China is expected to be the largest in 2019. We can not say exactly what we could see at MWC, but it could be a 5G device running Snapdragon 855.


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