Cheaper than first guess New Samsung Galaxy S10 prices leak.

- Beginning at €749
- Ceramic Samsung Galaxy S10+ tops out at €1,499

We've already seen price fluctuations on the following Samsung Galaxy S10 phones, but a new set of data leaks in Europe reveals that three devices could be cheaper than expected.

Or, at least, at different prices in separate areas in Europe.

According to information received from the online provider Ishan Agarwala, the Samsung Galaxy S10e would cost EUR 749 in the Netherlands and would be available in several colors.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 standard will start at € 899, while the Galaxy S10 + will be offered at $ 999.

The leading model, the Samsung Galaxy S10 + ceramic, black or white, with 1 TB of storage and 12 GB of RAM will cost € 1,499.

These prices are lower than those previously released by TuttoAndroid, claiming that the startup phone would start at € 799 and the most expensive at € 1,599.

But since this site is located in Italy, it may also be correct. Cost variations are not uncommon in the European Union, even when prices are expressed in the same currency.

If so, we consider that there will be a lot of shopping tourism on the day of the match, with Europeans traveling from one country to another to get the best deals, especially if they can save up to € 100.


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