Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Still Maintains Bitcoin Will Be Internet’s Currency

Twitter co-founder also chief executive officer Jack Dorsey again said he believed Bitcoin (BTC) would be the currency of the Internet. Dorsey gave his comments in an interview with the American comedian and podcast with Joe Rogan on February 2nd.

During the interview, Dorsey said:

"[Bitcoin] is something that was born on the Internet, which was developed on the Internet and tested on the Internet ... It's about the Internet."

The executive director of Twitter has already confirmed the same fact, pointing out that in mid-May 2018 he considered Bitcoin a choice for the Internet.

Dorsey is also the founder and executive director of Square Paying Company that allows its users to trade Bitcoin. When Rogan asked him if he was thinking of adding more crypts to the application, Dorsey responded negatively.

As Cointelegraph reported in December last year, Square has proclaimed the Business of the Year of Yahoo Finance. A month earlier, Square discovered that in the third quarter of 2018, it had $ 43 million in revenue from Bitcoin.

Through the interview, Rogan also asked Dorsey if he saw any regression regarding Bitcoin, which he replied by suggesting that "we look at only some of the major banks and their consideration of Bitcoin."."

Dorsey noted that "everyone likes blockchain, for increasing the efficiency he can create for his business and new business sectors," but then suggested that this technology "definitely threatened some services behind banks and financial institutions, some governments, as well... "

Dorsey has also predicted that the internet will go into a system where all created data will be permanently online. According to him, "that's what blockchain helps to allow in the end, and we have to make sure we pay attention to it." Then she explained that she saw the future of the Internet:

"We are moving towards a world in which everything that is created exists forever, that there is no centralized control over who sees what, that these models become completely decentralized and that all those barriers that we have today are no longer so important."

The video for the interview is about 38,000 people and 5,7,000 people. Suggesting that Rogan removed negative comments from YouTube, some users left a comment, suggesting this is a copy of the original comment removed:

"Sargon of Akkada 2k voted, erased" If we have the right to use social media, there is no reason to forbid people, Jack. "refer to Jack at 51:21 copy and paste this."

Comment on Twitter's ban could be a reference to the high-profile ban announced late last year by Alex Jones, the host of the ultimate Infowar.

In the fall of 2018, at the debate on Twitter's transparency before the US Energy and Trade Committee, Dorsey publicly commented that blockchain could be used to combat disinformation and scams.


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