EU Digital Exchange DX Adds Tokenized ETFs Powered - Nasdaq

The Estonian digital platform for trading DX.Exchange added its ETFs to its services, according to the Cointelegraph statement of March 6.

This move includes the symbolization of popular ETFs, such as SPY, representing S & P 500, and QQQ, which supports Nasdaq Composite in a ratio of 1: 1. UWT (raw oil) and UDOW are among the other proposed ETFs. On the platform. Proposed ETFs can now also be purchased for cryptocurrencies and fiat during trading hours and after working hours.

According to the press release, the introduction of ETFs in the form of chips on DX.Exchange is in line with the latest directives issued by the European Securities and Markets Authority and the EU Financial Market Instruments Directive II.

DX.Exchange, Chief Operating Officer, Amedeo Moscato, said he believes the latest move by the company regulated by the EU opens the world of popular financial assets to cryptographic system owners. His statement reads as follows:

Today, over $ 130 billion of crypts can be invested in digital shares and ETFs. Crypto investors who wanted to cover part of their portfolio had only stable US coins or limited options. Now I can invest in the real property of blockchain. "

DX.Exchange reports that adding ETF trading on the platform will attract investors who want to take advantage of a cheaper place to execute their transactions. Also, this decision would allow smaller small investors or investors from developing countries to enter the market.

DX.Exchange appeared as a concept last May and was launched in January this year. The company uses the Nasdaq exchange to exchange financial information to deliver its products.

As Cointelegraph wrote, the company originally offered crypto-holders to buy shares that supported various big companies, including Amazon, Baidu, Apple, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Netflix, Nvidia, and Tesla.

Trading on the Estonian Stock Exchange is currently available only to European Union retailers. However, the company plans to make commerce available to US customers in 2019, says the tweet of its co-founder and chief executive at the beginning of January.


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