Malicious Ad Runs By YouTube Reportedly for Bitcoin Wallet Electrum by Accident

According to the Reddit publication released on March 26, the YouTube Video Platform has misconstrued malicious advertising for the Bitcoin (BTC) Electrum portfolio.

Advertisers who are interested in advertising are diverted to a malicious link using a common snippet method called typosquatting or URL hijacking. In a Reddit article, a user with the name mrsxeplatypus warned the public about the malware promotion of Electrum and described how false advertising is:

"Malicious ad is concealed to look like a real Electrum ad [...] Even tells you that you're going to the correct link ( in the video, but when you click on the ad, upload the file The malicious EXE starts right away. see in the picture; the URL sent to me by and not "

The Next Web news technology page has announced that Google, the YouTube owner, has since commenced the appropriate anti-advertising campaign.

In February, users of cryptocurrency portals Electrum and MyEtherWallet reported having to face phishing attacks. Reddit discovered that attempting to steal identity from stealing sensitive data from Electrum's users was a security update.

Redditor exa61 then released a picture of a system message coming from the Electrum portfolio, requiring a security update for Electrum 4.0.0, while the latest version of the portfolio was Electrum 3.3.3 at that time.

Earlier in March, Google Chrome's Expanding NoCoin expended users by asking them to participate in a fake leak from the Cairo crypto exchange, killing more than 230 people. Hackers deliberately hid the malicious extension to look like a tool that protects users from malicious software for cryptocurrencies or crypto attacks.

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