Over 40 Bugs in Blockchain including Cryptocurrency Platforms Detected Over Past 30 Days

White hackers in the past 30 days have discovered more than 40 bugs on block and cryptocurrency platforms, The Next Web (TNW) reported on March 14.

According to a survey conducted by TNW, the 13 companies involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency were affected by a total of 43 vulnerability reports from 13 February to 13 March.

In the area of ​​the blockchain, the e-sports platform Unikrn allegedly received the largest number of vulnerability reports, 12 mistakes. The unicorn was followed by OmiseGo, Omise, who received six error reports. The third place is EOS, with five reports of vulnerabilities.

The consensus and peer-to-peer network protocol (P2P) algorithm Tendermint has got four bugs. Tendermint follows the Decade Decentralization Markets Market Charter and Tezos Smart Deal Platform, with three. Anonymous cryptocurrencies Monero, ICON, and MyEtherWallet reportedly reported two vulnerability reports.

Coinbase, the leading US encryption center, and blockchain developer, Locks, Brave Software, has received a vulnerability report.

Pirates received a total of $ 23,675 for their efforts, of which $ 8,500 paid Tendermint. EOS donated $ 5,500, while Unikrn awarded 1375. TNW says a small amount of premium suggests that bugs were not critical.

By contrast, EOS shared tens of thousands of bucks for hackers who discovered critical vulnerabilities on its platform.

This week, Major Hardware Portmaker Ledger has discovered vulnerabilities in the devices of its direct competitor of the Treasury. Among other issues, the Safeguard device can be emulated by redirecting malicious software content, and by locking it by simulating an unprotected tag that is easy to remove.

The cashier later replied to these claims, saying that no weakness found by Ledger was critical to the material portfolio. According to Riznica, none of them can be used remotely, because the described attacks require "physical access to the device, specialized equipment, time and technical expertise."


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