US State of Colorado Passes Cryptocurrency Exemptions Bill Into Law

Colorado State Governor Jared S. Polis issued the Digital Colorado Tokens Act, according to a document published March 6.

The law - originally proposed in January and sponsored by Republican Jack Tate and Democrat Steve Fenberg - provides for limited exemptions for securities registration and retailers, as well as licensing requirements for vendors for digital chip enthusiasts.

Invoice means a "digital token" as a "digital unit with certain characteristics, secured by a master book or a decentralized database that can be exchanged for goods or services, interchangeable or portable between a person without a broker or a custodian."

A previous account that edited blocks for blockchain declined the state Senate in Colorado last May. The bill defines the "open block of characters" and excludes the definition of some open chain chains. Some private sector members were disappointed with the result. David Gold, venture capital investor, and preferred investor, said:

"That is an opportunity for Colorado to say," Look, we will create an environment that will clarify the sector. This does not mean that quacks can violate security laws. "Those who oppose this simply do not understand."

Earlier this month, Sen. Jack Tate (right), accompanied by a representative of Jennifer James Arndt (right) and Marc Catlin (right), filed a lawsuit requesting the Colorado State Water Institute in Colorado to study the potential implementation of the Water Management Database rights.

In February, Cointelegraph announced that two laws related to blockchain were issued in the Wyoming State. Two laws - one on the symbolization of assets and the other on depositors serving blockage companies - was introduced in January this year and will enter into force later in 2019.


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