Bitfinex Letter to Users Says NYAG Accusations ‘Filled With Inaccuracies'

Bitfinex has stated that recent allegations by the state attorney for insolvency of the stock exchange "full of inaccuracies and false claims." This exchange was asserted in the letter Cointelegraph sent to Bitfinex users on April 27

The letter was signed by Jean-Louis van der Velde, general manager of the exchange. The letter states that the documents filed against the exchange do not represent civil or criminal charges and states:

"In particular, we want to convince you that the claim that we" lost "$ 850 million is categorically wrong."

The exchange further explains that these assets are confiscated and protected in several jurisdictions, including Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Also, the company also claims to actively work on releasing these funds and is convinced that it can make a convincing case. Besides, Bifinex emphasized:

"And be assured that we will strongly challenge the False Claims of the State Attorney's Office in New York in their rank."

Also, Velde says the stock market is closely cooperating with regulators around the world and encourages users to send out the remaining questions or ask their supervisors.

As Cointelegraph pointed out earlier that day, two Bitfinex shareholders said they were not upset by the NYAG-swapping allegations. The chief financial officer of the company allegedly said to the other shareholder that "it takes several weeks and the funds will be released."

Blockchain's data shows that the stock market withdrew nearly $ 90 million worth of portfolios earlier this week.


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