Blockchain Platform Thinks It Is the ‘Golden Ticket’ for Saving the Live Events Industry

The new blockchain platform says it has brave plans to transform the event industry - eliminating intermediaries to reduce costs for organizers, developers, artists, suppliers, and consumers.

Evedo says the "lack of innovation" in the organization of the event had a significant impact on the scalability of the sector. A multitude of platforms is often used to revive concerts and conferences, leading to unnecessary delays and sometimes costly mistakes. Also, start-up claims that the sector is saturated with brokers who often charge high fees but "do not add value to the process," which sometimes leads to "significant loss and loss."

In its white book, the company illustrates the specific consequences of fragmentation of this sector. Ticket prices may grow due to secondary black markets, inefficient systems can lead to duplication of tickets, paying top talent may be postponed, and organizers may be struggling to find a place to search for new places and sponsors.

Three fundamental values

Evedo says he is proud of his three core values: "trust, creativity and compassion," and believes that his infrastructure can help people behind the scenes of big events achieve creative and stimulating results while reducing time and effort. Required. They are implementing to achieve their vision.

Its business-to-business (b2b) market aims to link organizers to entrepreneurs and sponsors that can release their event, giving them the ability to easily compare their fees and reputation to find the perfect partner. Contracts will be linked to smart deals, making way for automated payments each time key events are achieved. "A unique point of work" would also help organizers track their suppliers in real time, which means less panic in stressful days of the big day.

Eved's white paper explains how his infrastructure works: "The B2B platform is conceived as an efficient search engine where event organizers can find all resources, partners, and suppliers, citing details. Planned event. The event organizer can be viewed and filtered by several criteria such as dates, event types, expected number of participants, specific technical equipment needs, logistics, hotels, on-site staff, advertising, and media coverage. "

Evedo announced his intention to "set up" this search engine, working closely with early users, responding to their feedback, and finding innovative solutions by applying their "deep knowledge and experience in the industry."

A golden ticket for a smart event

The startup offer will be complemented by a consumer platform designed to eliminate ticket buying and selling issues. According to Evedo, the goal is to end "the activities of collecting unwanted robots and scalers," ensuring that issuers keep complete control over the number of tickets sold.

According to Evedo, blockchain technology can more effectively verify transactions, allowing organizers and participants to save money. The platform also believes that theaters could increase their profits because lower ticket prices would lead to more events that would meet growing demand.

"Unlike existing platforms that take commissions that reduce net outcomes, our business model is based on revenue sources like advertising, which allows us to sell tickets with a commission of 0%," added white paper.

Bulgaria's blockchain company offers BitForex's initial offer of exchange for EVED tokens, a user-friendly token that uses the platform. So far, the project has picked up a soft sales cap and hopes to raise $ 2.5 million to develop its products further.


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