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2020 Presidential Hopeful Swalwell Propels Cryptocurrency Donations Campaign

Eric Swalwell, the Democratic Presidential candidate for the United States for the 2020 elections, has launched a cryptocurrency donation campaign, according to a statement released on May 23, Cointelegraph. Swalwell, 38, has announced his candidacy for the presidential election on April 8th. He is a member of Congress for the fourth time in the California Gulf, sitting in the Intelligence and Judicial Commission of the House and co-chaired by the Democratic Leadership and Policy Committee. Swalwell would also be the founder and president of the emeritus forum Future, a congressional House of Democrats, focusing on the problems and capabilities of millennium Americans. His initiatives for the benefit of technology at home would make him the nickname of King King King in 2016. Launching its crypto-donation campaign, Swalwell cites the eToro Survey from 2019, which revealed that 43 percent of thousands of users declare that they are less convinced of the traditional stock market

Cryptocurrency Profits Low, Payment Platform Square’s Q1 2019 Bitcoin Revenue High

The Square Platen Platform has recorded a new high turnover thanks to the sale of Bitcoin (BTC) through its cash application, while Bitcoin's sales revenue remains low, according to a letter to shareholders presenting figures. financial statements for the first quarter (first quarter) 2019. In a recent letter about unrecognized results, Square revealed that in the first trimester of 2019, total company revenue grew 43 per cent compared to the previous year at $ 959 million. , Bitcoin revenue of $ 65.5 million. Bitcoin costs for the same period would be $ 64.7 million, meaning total utilization in Bitcoins was $ 830,000. In the fourth quarter of 2018, the company recorded total net revenue of $ 933 million, of which $ 52 million was for bitcoin revenue. At the same time, bitcoin costs amounted to $ 51.9 million. Square puts bitcoin trading available to users in February last year. Since Square operates in sales outlets, adding BTC to its mobile services means that any me