Blockchain-Based Social Media Platform Voice Announces Eos Developer

The EOS firm,, announced the creation of a social media platform called Chain Channel Chain, called Voice, according to a statement released on Cointelegraph on June 1.

The company claims that the platform will use Eos blockchain to ensure transparency in work, with no hidden algorithms or content delivery mechanisms that are unknown to the user.

In a statement to the press, Brendan Blumer, CEO of, compared Voice with traditional social media platforms, citing:

"Today's social media platforms are designed to make use of their users, look at the economic model, our content, our data, and our attention." All this is incredibly valuable, but for now, it is a platform, not a user who enjoys the prize. "

According to the report, has recently joined the Coinbase Earn program, the educational offering for the Coinbase Crypto platform. The program allows users to take courses at particular crypto in exchange for a small deposit in the room they are familiar with.

As previously reported by Cointelegraph, Eos recently teamed up with Tether to integrate Tether's Stablecoin USD into Eos blockchain. Delegated design evidence of participation for Tether EOS would make it a good choice for micro-transactions between colleagues.

According to a recent Diar study, Globalcoin, a cryptocurrency based on paying social networking greats, will face demographic challenges as the age-based user base.


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