Polish Exchange Shuts Down Also Disappears With Customers Funds

Polish center for cryptocurrency Coinroom allegedly closed and disappeared with client funds, local office business.argent.pl reported on May 31.

Money.pl received an e-mail from one of its readers, who said that the coin - registered in 2016 - ceased working overnight and disappeared in April with customer money. Some users say they had up to 60,000 zlotys (about $ 15,790) in their accounts.


Before the end of the business, Coinroom sent customers emails with contract cancellation information. The Coiroom Clients had only one day to withdraw their money, which was by the coin rules signed by the users. However, some clients claimed that some of them received only some of the money, while most of them did not at all receive their funds.

One of the stock exchange buyers told money.pl that he lost 2,005 bitcoins (BTC) (nearly $ 15,000 at the time of printing). The other user said, "The second day after sending me an email, I went to Coinroom's headquarters, the lady at the reception did not want to let me in, she said no one was in the office. Instead, he called someone from the company. I leave my contact information. No one contacted me. "

Asukas capczyƄski, a spokesman for the Warsaw District State Attorney's Office, found the office opened a case against Coinroom for unauthorized activities providing brokerage services for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. The Office also identified other possible victims.

The CoinMarketCapov Cryptocurrency Exchange Index shows that the Coinroom has stopped working. The Twitter site is also obviously removed.

As announced in mid-May, representative representations and representations blocked, they began to announce common fraud related to the issue of money supply (ICO). The companies reportedly launched their ICO promotions in March and April 2018 and ran away from $ 4.7 million and $ 3.3 million.


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