Court Invites on Craig Wright’s Wife to Testify in Ongoing Kleiman Case

Judge Bruce Reinhart, who oversaw Kleiman v. Wright, has requested international help to call Ramon Watts, wife of Craig Wright, headed.

Judge Reinhart sent his request to the Queen's bench master at the High Court in Strand, London, according to a writ of 22 July.

According to the classification, Reinhart submitted a request because he considered that the invited witnesses - a total of three - had evidence directly relevant to the case.

As for Watts, Reinhart wrote that he was called to produce documents, press releases, and testimonies about the many facts involved. This includes Wright's allegedly creating Bitcoin, communications between David Kleiman and Wright, and information about W & K Info Defense Research.

The memo also highlights several areas Wright has testified, suggesting that Watts would be aware of the relevant information. The deposit claims Wright testified about Watts, saying he explained how to create Bitcoin before their marriage.

The applicant states explicitly that the parties required to present the evidence have the privilege of failing to testify if the details of the marriage are classified confidentially.

According to ranking, David Kleiman's computer scientist accused Craig Wright of stealing hundreds of thousands of Bitcoins, which are jointly owned by the estate and W & K. have filed a complaint and are asking to sell at least 300,000 BTCs.

As Cointelegraph recently reported, Belgian Belgian Debo Jurgen, Etienne Guido, wrote to Reinhart, claiming that he was Satoshi Nakomoto, saying:

"I am the only creator / creator of the Block of Bitcoin Blocking I have used Satoshi Nakamoto Handle and sent an email to to write and publish bitcoin white paper."


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