Huawei Mate X launch date fixed for next month updated Kirin 990 version following

- New release date programmed for some time next month

- Kirin 990 will be used in an updated model within a few months

- Huawei Mate X was initially planned to launch in August


In an open-ended media interview at IFA 2019 in Berlin, Huawei's consumer president spoke openly about the company's first folding smartphone with a flexible display. The processor will follow shortly after that.



This announcement comes shortly after reports that we may not respond until November.

Yu said Huawei originally planned to launch the phone in August, but that it took developers more time to customize their apps in the big-screen market due to complications associated with optimizing the app for the larger screen.

Since then, the company has ordered the phone from several major developer developers hoping to make the most of this screen. 


Also, the flexible part of the screen itself is more complex to produce with a high rate of return with consistent quality. It was, therefore, essential to carry out this procedure correctly.



Then you need to test the performance of 5G and organize the logistics of issuing 5G devices with your network operators, which takes time. In short: Mate X is slightly later than originally planned.


In addition to confirming the launch schedule scheduled for October 2019, Richard Yu also said that Huawei has tested and is almost ready to produce a version of the phone with the recently announced Kirin 990 processor.

Unlike current Huawei 5G phones with the Kirin 980 processor, the Kirin 990 plugs the 5G modem into the chip hardware and is not used separately.

The project, he says, will release in a few months a new version of the Huawei Mate X, equipped with the latest and highest Kirin compatible 5G processor.



It was mentioned earlier that the Mate X was one of the first phones introduced with the Kirin 990, but since then it has become clear that it will not be equipped with this particular processor from the beginning.

Although Huawei has not announced the exact day of the phone's announcement, we believe it will be announced officially soon. Maybe even at the launch of the Mate 30 in a few weeks.





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