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Foldable Samsung's clamshell phone leaks in hands-on photos

Samsung introduced a folding flip phone concept at a developer conference last month and now the device has gone from render to reality. Several photos leaked showing Samsung's clamshell real-world folding phone. The images were spotted on a weaker ice universe on Chinese social networks,  the images show how Samsung's unexpected device has completely folded and evolved. See more On the outside of the phone we can see a small screen showing the time, date and battery level, and next to it is a dual-camera setup with a flash. The inner screen has a perforation in the middle of the screen, custom application icons and a navigation key from Samsung. This shell shape factor is remarkable because the first folding phones on the market look more like a book than a school shell. With this design, the Samsung folding lid could be easier to fit in your pocket and give you more views like a traditional smartphone than dragging it into a tablet-like