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Bitcoin has been held by Coinbase on its balance sheets since the year 2012

American exchange is giving out assistance and advice to other private and publicly traded firms that want to secure digital assets in their treasuries. The United States-based crypto exchange Coinbase has unveiled that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets have been a key element of its corporate treasury since the company's founding back in the year 2012.  In the new announcement addressed to other corporate actors, the exchange offered its own experience in managing its treasury position in cryptos as a secure foundation for advising other private and publicly traded companies regarding how to deal with their prospective investments.  In the newly published, and very detailed Corporate Treasury FAQ, the exchange presents a thorough overview of the kinds of accounting, investment, and tax policies that companies would want to consider and embrace if they wish to broaden their treasuries into cryptocurrency. The FAQ is both a comprehensive resource that covers all manner of audi

Plans to allow cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals Robinhood announces

Robinhood’s stature has taken a battering recently, but it hopes to recover credibility among the cryptocurrency community by introducing crypto transfers. The contention exchanging platform Robinhood publish on Wednesday that it intends to execute crypto deposits and withdrawals. Its customers have been buying and selling cryptocurrency through the platform for some time, they are unable to obtain the coins themselves to transfer them to other wallets. According to a list of tweets written from the company’s Twitter account, work on the integration of cryptocurrency transfers has already begun, though no dates or specifics were provided on when it will go live. Robinhood further clarified that cryptocurrency deposits would remain in custody by their wallets, and added that the company doesn't invest in cryptocurrency and will not use customer funds for its benefit. Robinhood has seven cryptocurrencies registered for trade on their platform, including Bitcoin ( BTC ), Bitcoin Cash

The latest talk on Apple iPhone 13 rumors the specs, the features, and release date

It a great thing on every annual refresh of iPhone, it is one of the biggest events in technology, it's the phone that many people strive to own, one that sets the trends, and others phones are all watching to better. The latest leaks and rumors are nothing new to the world of technology, getting a report about unannounced Apple devices is reasonably rare. They don't leak as comprehensively as a Google phone or a Samsung phone, but I am picking up everything I hear about the year 2021 iPhone models. When will Apple iPhone 13 be released? Believably by September/October 2021 Normally Apple holds their iPhone event on the second week of September and usually on Tuesday. Supposing 2020 had been a regular year, the iPhone 12 would likely have been revealed on 8th September 2020. But Of course, 2020 was not a healthy year thanks to the ongoing world situation. Alternatively, Apple revealed the iPhone 12 series on 13th October, breaking the ornament(lol) and making it more diffi